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Q: Are there plans to open the academy for live classes soon?

A: We plan to offer virtual classes through the end of the 2019-2020 dance season. We’re closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and following guidelines set forth by the CDC and our local government. We will carefully consider our options when local and state entities lift the shelter-in-place and state-of-emergency orders. For the foreseeable future, Ballethnic is offering online classes in lieu of live classes.


Q: When is the last day of classes for this dance season?

A: The last day of classes for the 2019-2020 dance season is May 16, 2020.


Q: Where can I find the schedule for online classes?

A: We will send a link to the weekly class schedule every Sunday in the Quarantine Chronicles newsletter. You can also find the most updated schedule on the Ballethnic website. 


Q: What are the options for Ballethnic’s online classes?

A: Ballethnic is pleased to continue its dance education via the Zoom platform. We currently have one Zoom account with unlimited time for classes, and we plan to add a second account by DATE. Here is the access information:

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 231 497 278
Password: bad1

Ballethnic will also offer select classes as an added value via YouTube, Facebook Live and Instagram Live – the schedule indicates which classes those are. We are also looking into online workshops for all levels, so please stay tuned for more information on that front.


Q: Is the schedule on the Ballethnic website the final schedule through the end of the season?

A: We are still developing and testing the platform – the current schedule is a trial schedule, which will allow us to monitor the results before making a permanent schedule. We will post a permanent schedule through the end of the season by DATE.


Q: Have the Leopard Tale performances been rescheduled?

A: No, the Leopard Tale has not yet been rescheduled. We are looking closely at options for a location and a time, but much of that will depend on the CDC and the State of Georgia’s guidance for reopening businesses amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We will keep all parents posted on Ballethnic’s website as soon as we have additional information.


Q: The parents’ Ballethnic GroupMe was shut down, and now I don’t have a way to keep in contact with other parents. Is there another way I can get up to speed on Ballethnic’s happenings besides the website?

A: Yes. A special thank you goes out to LaMarion Green-Hughey for setting up a parent Facebook page, which will be a platform for parents to communicate among themselves. Ms. LaMarion will be the coordinator of the page. Please note this is NOT an official Ballethnic Facebook group. If you have questions or concerns regarding tuition, classes, schedules, etc., please contact the Ballethnic office. We ask that this page is used in a kind and respectful manner. The link is


Q: Does Ballethnic offer private lessons? If so, how can I book private lessons for my dancer?

A: Private lessons are available and booked at a premium cost based on availability of instructors. Please contact Ms. Lisa for more information:


Q: Will there be an end-of-year open house this season given that we’re now virtual?

A: Plans are being discussed as to how a virtual open house performance/demonstration can happen – or if a date for an in-person open house will be rescheduled later this spring. We will keep you updated once we have more information to share.


Q: Will there be summer camp this year?

A: Summer Camp plans are being discussed as well based on the ongoing updates of the pandemic. We will share more information once we have it.

Q: Will my tuition still be processed for the same amount and at the same time?

A: Yes. Tuition remains the same amount. If you have already prepaid for the semester or the season, you do not need to do anything. If you are paying monthly, your FACTS account will be charged on the same date at the same time for the same amount as you originally agreed to.


Q: My family has been impacted financially by the COVID-19 pandemic. Can I pause my tuition?

A: If you have encountered an issue or a hardship, please reach out to Ms. Lisa to discuss.


Q: I would like to make a donation to Ballethnic to help keep operations going during these difficult times. How can I do that?

A: We welcome and greatly appreciate any donation of any size, especially during these challenging times. You can donate via CashApp at $BPOATL.

Q: Do I need any special equipment for my dancer to take online classes from home?

A: The academy will be sending an instructor memo that suggests ways to better accommodate your dance class from home. In the meantime, your dancer will need a 10’x10’ floor space clear from furniture and clutter to practice. They will need to log in to Zoom (or FB Live or IG Live) via computer/laptop/tablet and set up the screen so the instructor can see them. If a barre is needed, the back of a kitchen chair serves nicely.


Additionally, this is NOT a requirement, but parents (if they wish to protect flooring) for the tap classes can put down a small piece of linoleum or plywood. However, the safety of our families is very important and with the virus being unpredictable, we want you to use your best judgement as it pertains to the purchasing of a tap board.


Q: Does my dancer need to be in uniform and follow dress code during his/her online classes?

Yes, having dancers in uniform helps instructors best monitor form and movement via the online platforms. Additionally, dancers will mentally be in their dance “frame of mind” if they’re in their leotard and tights with their hair in a bun. It helps keep everyone accountable and professional so students and teachers get the most out of the online classes.


Q: Why are classes shorter online than they were in the studio?

A: Think of dance classes like your student’s online learning at school. School typically lasts for 7-8 hours every day, but with remote learning their classwork has been distilled to 2-4 hours. We’re doing the same with our dance classes. Instructors are providing the meat of the class, meaning the curriculum is concentrated. We aren’t taking the time for bathroom or water breaks or for speaking to individual students each day as we would in person, but we are ensuring all students are learning the techniques and steps just as they’d be learning in-person.


Q: Will classes remain during after-school hours?

A: Yes, classes will remain during after-school hours; however, some value-added value classes may begin earlier. We understand students have distance learning during the day for school, and many parents are working normal office hours remotely. Ballethnic’s schedule also allows parents to maintain a typical weekly routine for their children.


Q: How can parents ensure their dancers gets the most out of remote instruction?

A: Parents can assist by making certain that the “classroom” is set up appropriately and that there is adequate space for dancing and focus. Parents can also engage with their children to ask what they’ve learned and ask if dancers can demonstrate the steps. We will continue to provide tips for parents through the Quarantine Chronicles newsletter.


Q: Who do I contact if I have a question about anything related to my child’s class schedule, payment or anything else?

A: All parents should communicate directly with the Academy Administrator, Lisa Christopher, who will ensure all questions are either answered or directed to the appropriate person. Her email address is

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