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Ballethnic Academy of Dance

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Ballethnic Academy of Dance is the official school of Ballethnic Dance Company, Inc. Providing a unique education through the art and discipline of dance, training is provided through a variety of dance techniques including:

  • Ballet
  • Pointe
  • Pre-Pointe
  • Pas De Deux
  • Modern
  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop
  • Tap
  • African
  • Ballethnicize (an original style of dance developed by Co-Founder Waverly Lucas).

As a family oriented school, BAD’s educational approach stresses disciplined lives, sound bodies, and focused minds for both children and adults. Students keep journals to enhance their craft and concentrate on learning dance terminology as part of their training through reading, writing, and spelling skills. In addition to instruction, the Academy focuses on the full development of each student.

Danseur Development Project

The Danseur Development Project is an innovative and unique program established in 1990 by co- founder, Waverly T. Lucas, II. The purpose of this program is to provide a highly structured yet nurturing environment for young African American males to learn classical dance through an athletic approach. It was developed to combat the rise of violence, drug abuse, teen pregnancies, and a plethora of issues teenagers face on a daily basis. The project provides strong, positive leadership by African American role models and other company members of diverse backgrounds. Young men between the ages of 6 and 21 are taught skills such as discipline, responsibility, accountability, and team work through professional dance technique. Participants must also keep journals to enhance their craft. Weekly classes are offered September through May which are accompanied by special events such as “lock- ins” for the boys and their fathers, brothers, instructors, and/ or board members to spend time together for simple male bonding. The boys emerge from the project gaining strength, self-awareness, and maturity in all aspects of their

Ballethnic Youth Ensemble (BYE)

BYE is a pre-professional training program for young people ages 7 through 21. Its mission is to provide an upper tier level of training for students who, because of their talent and potential, require an advanced level of instruction. They spend an average of 10 hours each week (hours boost tremendously in preparation for and during performances) being taught by professional dancers and instructors. Participants in this program will develop the skills that are necessary to become professional dancers by undergoing intense training, exercising self- discipline, exemplifying commitment, and showcasing their gift in public performances. Ballethnic’s goal is to prepare the members of its youth ensemble to receive apprenticeships and dance scholarships at colleges/universities, and dance opportunities in professional companies. Furthermore, the program releases productive citizens into society. In this regard, BYE is an integral part of Ballethnic Dance Company’s mission to increase artistic opportunities and outlets for the community at large.

Ballethnic Academy of Dance – Summer Camps

Additional training and exposure to the performing arts is offered through Ballethnic’s summer program, Dance Diversity Summer Camp.

This intense program combines serious training with tons of fun. Classes are taught by dance professionals in a nurturing environment. In addition to the variety of classes offered during the school year, supplementary classes include African Drumming, Stage Presence, Costumes, Nutrition, Etiquette, Dance History, and Cultural Arts. Students will also experience Academy Explore Day and other exciting events such as roller skating and karaoke.

Classes taught: Pre-ballet, Ballet, *Pre-Pointe, *Pointe, Tap, Jazz, African, Modern, Hip-Hop, *Pas De Deux

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